An all shotokan karate competition (JKA tournament rules preside).  International competitors are invited to participate in all event categories.  There will be an international teams goodwill showcase (kumite and kata) on the final day.

KUMITE (sparring):
Kumite, or free sparring, consists of a match between 2 persons. A point is awarded when, in the opinion of the judges, one of the contestants has executed an effective punch, strike or kick against the opponent. An actual blow is prohibited in the contest. The attack nevertheless must be stopped at the reachable distance of the target area (face, neck or midsection). The rules of the contest of this tournament provide that contestants must have attained certain rank and have had a certain period of training before they can participate. The reason is that contestants must have trained long enough to develop complete control of their mind and body along with the development of mutual trust and respect for their opponent. Contestants without this level of training, as in a lower rank division, participate in a more basic form of kumite called “ippon” or one step sparring.

Judges – The contest is judged by one chief judge and 4 assistant judges.

KATA (form):
Kata, or form, is a systematically organized series of defensive and offensive techniques which is performed with one or more imaginary opponents. In the performing of a kata, the performer must execute each movement with full awareness of its meaning. At the same time, each technique must be part of the flow and the unity of the kata as a whole. The kata is judged on 3 fundamental facets of performance – the correct application of body strength; the correct application of principles of expansion and contraction of body muscles; and the proper application of speed. In addition, the vigor, attitude, deportment, and self-control displayed by the performer are considered.